Relict 27mm glass mouthpiece, transparent


  • First class and very heat resistant material
  • Tasteless and optimal for high quality steam
  • Light cooling of the steam
  • For mobile use the best mouthpiece


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Like any of our glass products, our RELICT Small Glass Tube Transparent is made of high quality borosilicate glass. This material has the advantage of being much more heat resistant than other types of glass. In addition, it weighs little, but is still relatively robust.

Where other manufacturers compromise on their tubes and mouthpieces, we act uncompromisingly high quality and provide vaporists with the small Glass Tube made of borosilicate glass the best of the best!

Glass has an important advantage as a material that promotes high quality steam: tastelessness. Plastic mouthpieces and tubes introduce a flavor of their own, while vapers using glass mouthpieces and glass tubes vaporize nothing but pure herbal flavor. In combination with our RELICT Vaporizer unfolds through the RELICT Small Glass Tube Transparent therefore an excellent aroma.

The good portability due to the just 27 mm length and the easy cooling of the vapor make this product the ideal vaporizer accessory for any vaper looking for a minimalist and premium mouthpiece extension tube.

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Gewicht 0,01 kg
Größe 1,6 × 1,6 × 6 cm


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