Norddampf Relict Vaporizer Deep Black LowDab Bundle


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  • Norddampf Relict Vaporizer in Deep Black
  • Relict Bubbler / Water Filter
  • 4 drip pads for extracts
  • 4 extra stainless steel dosing capsules
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Norddampf Relict Vaporizer

The new Norddampf Relict state of the art vaporizer with dual heating system and many other innovative features. Dual-heat technology for even heating of the herbs. Precise temperature setting in 1°C increments. Long and elegant glass tube attachment for the mouthpiece. – Under these conditions, steam develops that exceeds all taste expectations. The authenticity of the herbal aromas and full control over the vapor taste allow every vaper to enjoy pure pleasure. The RELICT vaporizer was created for precisely this purpose: To provide pleasure! Norddampf has combined the ideal conditions for vapor enjoyment with simple operation and a discreetly elegant look to create a vaporizer. The result is a premium vaporizer with many great features.

Norddampf Relict Bubbler / water filter

The NORDDAMPF Bubbler is the perfect accessory for enhancing your vaporizing experience. Connected to the RELICT Vaporizer, the bubbler elevates the already high vapor quality from the RELICT, taking your vaping pleasure to a new level.

Enjoy a more pleasant and smoother vapor, with cooler and more seamless vape sessions. Easier on the throat and lungs – the NORDDAMPF Bubbler makes it possible!

Relict Extract Pads (dropper pads for extracts)

  • 4 piece
  • Drip pad for extracts

With the drip pad (extract pad) for the Norddampf Relict vaporizer, nothing stands in the way of enjoying extracts, oils and concentrates. This allows you to expand your herbal vaporizer into a device that can also vaporize oils and extracts.

Stainless steel dosing capsules for Relict vaporizers

We have placed emphasis on durability and robustness in the production of NORDDAMPF dosing capsules, so that vapers have a long benefit from the capsules. Therefore, our choice fell on the corrosion-resistant, temperature-resistant and hygienic material stainless steel. With their high quality, the NORDDAMPF dosing capsules harmonize perfectly with our other RELICT accessories.

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