North steam grinder, 2 pieces


  • 63mm diameter
  • Small version (2-piece)
  • Made of high quality aluminum using the latest CNC technology
  • Anodized to minimize wear and smear marks
  • Razor sharp teeth for the best efficiency
  • Lid with magnetic closure
  • Noble Norddampf mold design with non-slip feel for optimal use
  • The perfect grinder for use with herbal vaporizers

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No crumbs on your fingers! The NORDDAMPF Grinder (2-part) makes grinding herbs for the vaporizer a breeze. Due to its small size, this two-piece grinder is ideal for traveling. In addition, the grinder offers one or two highlights that make it particularly user-friendly.

Magnetic closure, non-slip feel, particularly high tooth sharpness – with the two-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder, steamers are well equipped for preparing their herbs.


Two-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder: All advantages at a glance

  • Two-piece design: Small and handy
  • Best efficiency due to high tooth sharpness
  • Long service life due to high material quality
  • Comfortable usage features
  • Noble NORDDAMPF mold design


Two-piece design: Small and handy

As is usual for two-part grinders, the 2-part NORRDAMPF grinder is small and handy. With its 63 mm diameter, it is recommended for use on the go. This makes it the perfect grinder for use with our RELICT vaporizer, which is also small and easily portable. Due to the discs studded with ultra-sharp teeth, all herbs are crushed very efficiently in this grinder. The herbs are then removed from the grinder and placed in a dosing capsule or in the herb chamber of the vaporizer.

Excuse me? Don’t feel like picking the chopped herbs out of the grinder? Then take a look at the NORDDAMPF Grinder (3-part)  and the NORDDAMPF Grinder (4-part)! These two products they have an additional compartment to remove the crushed herbs – simply practical!


Best efficiency due to high tooth sharpness

If the mere crushing of the herbs is sufficient and no additional compartment is needed to remove the grinded herbs, vapers are absolutely right to buy the two-piece grinder. In fact, it leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comminution, because the teeth have an above-average degree of sharpness. It is therefore easy for vaporizers to finely grind the herbs and make the best possible use of the space in the RELICT Vaporizer’s dosing capsule or filling chamber.


Long service life due to high material quality

The above-average efficient comminution of the herbs is favored by the high material quality of the 2-part NORDDAMPF grinder. Namely, the product was made from high quality aluminum using the latest CNC technology. The CNC technology guarantees a dimensionally accurate production. The material aluminum even combines several advantages: durability, light weight, robustness, rust-free. These advantages therefore apply to the entire NORDDAMPF Grinder.


Comfortable usage features

While two-part grinders from other manufacturers generally have few special features compared to the three- and four-part grinders, the 2-part NORDDAMPF grinder has two highlights worth mentioning: The surface has a non-slip feel. In addition, the lid has a magnetic closure, which makes it easier to close and keeps it tightly closed.


Noble NORDDAMPF mold design

Last but not least, the two-piece grinder is cool design! The noble NORDDAMPF design with the stylish logo and the diamond-shaped patterns on the sides of the grinder make quite a statement: it’s these little details that impress. To ensure that the two-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder remains in good condition over the long term and retains its compelling design, the aluminum has been anodized. Due to the anodizing, wear and smear marks occur much later than without this type of surface treatment.

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