North steam grinder, 3 pieces


  • 63mm diameter
  • Medium version (3-piece)
  • With separate compartment for removal of the material
  • Made of high quality aluminum using the latest CNC technology
  • Anodized to minimize wear and smear marks
  • Razor sharp teeth for the best efficiency
  • Lid with magnetic closure
  • Noble Norddampf mold design with non-slip feel for optimal use
  • The perfect grinder for use with herbal vaporizers
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The NORDDAMPF Grinder (3-part) facilitates the grinding of herbs for the vaporizer. Our quality product outperforms other manufacturers’ grinders in several ways. As a high quality manufacturer, we couldn’t help but equip our NORDDAMPF Grinder with the sharpest teeth and the best quality workmanship.

Like any three-part grinder, our 3-part NORDDAMPF Grinder also has a separate compartment for removing the crushed herbs. This makes it even more practical than our NORDDAMPF Grinder (2-part).

Three-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder: All advantages at a glance

  • Razor sharp teeth for easier grinding
  • Separate compartment for removal of the shredded material
  • Top workmanship ensures durability
  • High comfort in use
  • Premium design – matching our premium vaporizer RELICT!

Razor sharp teeth for easier crushing of herbs

The sharper the teeth, the easier it is to grind the herbs. Thanks to the razor sharpness of its teeth, the NORDDAMPF Grinder (3-part) enables the best efficiency in preparing herbs. So no more chopping herbs by hand, which is quite time-consuming! Our NORDDAMPF Grinder does not miss even the smallest herb.

Separate compartment for removal of the shredded material

Thanks to our product, vaporizers no longer have to struggle with crumbs on their fingers, but easily remove the herbs prepared for the vape from the grinder – this simplicity is due to the separate compartment for herb removal. Each three-piece grinder has an additional compartment, which does not exist in two-piece grinders. Unlike a two-piece grinder, the barked herb material does not have to be reeled out of the grinder, but is simply removed from the compartment – this is child’s play and clean!

The three-part grinder is convincing, but it goes even better: Feel free to visit our product page about the NORDDAMPF Grinder (4-part)! This contains in addition to the equipment of the three-part grinder a sieve, which is designed to separate the kief from the cannabis.

Top workmanship ensures durability

In addition to its razor-sharp teeth and separate compartment, our 3-part NORDDAMPF Grinder, like each of our products, convinces with its high material quality. The top workmanship is the reason why our grinders last for a long time and remain in good condition even after a long period of use. The three-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder is made of aluminum, which is lightweight but extremely strong and durable. The grinder was manufactured using the latest CNC technology. The aluminum is anodized to reduce wear and smear marks.


High comfort in use

Steamers also benefit from good usage properties with the NORDDAMPF Grinder (3-part). The lid with magnetic closure ensures that the grinder always remains tightly closed and no crumbs fall out. The surface, in turn, convinces with a non-slip feel, so that the grinder always lies firmly and securely in the hand when chopping the herbs.


Premium design

The design of the grinder is elegant and harmonizes super with our premium vaporizer RELICT. The stylish logo is emblazoned on the top of the otherwise black grinder. The sides of the grinder provide a little highlight: there are several check patterns there, which give the three-piece grinder a noble touch. With its 63 mm diameter, the grinder offers relatively large space for grinding herbs and convenient removal of herbs from the separate compartment.

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