Relic 45mm Black Aroma Glass Mouthpiece


  • Enhancement of the steam experience
  • Cooler and smoother vapor
  • Unadulterated herbal aroma
  • Top material: borosilicate glass
  • Unique design

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The “RELICT Big Glass Tube Black” is the longer of our two Glass Tubes for the cooling unit. Used on the cooling unit of the RELICT vaporizer, the 45 mm tube cools the vapor noticeably, making it smoother. For beginners, vaping with an extension tube for the mouthpiece is more comfortable, for die-hard vapers it is a welcome change from the usual vapor sessions with the 27mm glass mouthpiece.

This product is for those who want something more than the excellent vapor taste from our RELICT vaporizer when vaping.

Cooling the vapor with the 45mm glass mouthpiece expands the flavor facets when vaping. Those who use this extension tube with a length of 45 mm achieve a noticeable change in temperature compared to vaporizing without a tube or with our smaller “RELICT 27mm mouthpiece.

While the vapor is cooled in our 45mm glass mouthpiece, the vapor flavor always remains authentic. Because the tube is made of glass, the vapor does not contain any annoying inherent flavor, as can be the case with tubes and mouthpieces made of plastic. We at NORDDAMPF have had the tube made of the high quality borosilicate glass, which allows the herbal aroma to be passed on unaltered – with all this, the tube is extremely heat resistant and durable.

Last bot not least: In contrast to our transparent smaller extension tube, this longer Glass Tube is colored black. This is anything but common for mouthpieces, but leaves a noble optical impression in combination with our high-quality RELICT vaporizer.

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