Relict Vaporizer Tutorial

Blue Vaporizer Device-1A

The correct use of a vaporizer is easy. Especially our RELICT vaporizer is quite simple to use due to the intuitive 3-button operation and the user-friendly dosing capsule system.

Nevertheless, there are a few very important things to keep in mind when using the vape that even advanced vaporizers forget every now and then; this includes, first and foremost, sterilizing the new vaporizer before using it for the first time.

In order to provide both beginners and professionals with everything they need to know, we have meticulously compiled all the essential instructions for using the RELICT. Have fun and insight while reading!

Before first use: Sterilization of the RELICT Vaporizer

It is possible with any vaporizer that there are residues of agents and chemicals from production in the device. So for your health and for unrestricted vapor enjoyment, it is important that you sterilize any new vaporizer before using it for the first time. Of course, this also applies to our RELICT vaporizer.

  1. Turn on the vaporizer.
  2. Set the highest possible temperature (240C°)
  3. Set the highest possible session time (6 minutes)
  4. The RELICT now heats up to the maximum temperature quite quickly. Let the vaporizer heat up at this temperature for about 15 minutes.
  5. Stay with RELICT all the time. If it shuts off automatically, turn it back on so that it heats through the 15 minutes as uninterruptedly as possible.
  6. After 15 minutes, your RELICT vaporizer is ready for use.

RELICT Vaporizer fill and vaporize

The RELICT operates at temperatures between 160 and 240 °C. With this temperature range, the RELICT is not suitable for vaporizing all herbs, because not every herb vaporizes within this temperature range.

The RELICT is excellently suited for the consumption of cannabis, as most and the most important substances contained in cannabis vaporize between 185 and 210 °C. The remaining substances in cannabis vaporize between 160 and 240 °C, which still makes the RELICT perfect for enjoying cannabis. Besides cannabis, you can vaporize herbs like valerian, ginseng and guarana with the RELICT under optimal conditions.

So before you buy herbs, you should be sure that they vaporize in the temperature range of the RELICT vaporizer. You weigh the herbs with a fine digital scale, because a maximum of 0.3 grams of crushed herbs fit into the herb chamber of the RELICT and into the dosing capsules. After you have weighed the herbs, proceed as follows:

  1. Grind the herbs. It is important for proper use of the vaporizer that the herbs have an optimal grind. To ensure this, it is best to grind the herbs in one of our grinders.
  2. Next, remove the cooling unit to gain access to the herb chamber located under the cooling unit.
  3. You now lightly place the barked herb material into the herb chamber or into your dosing capsules[MR|CE3] . Be careful not to press the herbs in strongly, as this would interfere with the evaporation process. The best way is to use our fill tool.
  4. If you use dosing capsules, first fill the herbs into the dosing capsules and then put the dosing capsules into the herb chamber. If you filled the herb chamber directly in the previous step, this fourth step is not necessary.
  5. Finally, after either the herb chamber is filled or a filled dosing capsule is placed in the herb chamber, you put the cooling unit back on.

You turn on the vaporizer next. To do this, press the large power button 5 times in succession. The Relict Vaporizer will now begin to heat up on its own. If you want to steam at a different temperature than the set one or want a different session duration, press the big button (power switch) 5 times until the temperature or session display appears. Then use the small buttons to set the desired temperature or session duration and let the RELICT continue to heat up.

As soon as your desired temperature is reached, you enclose the mouthpiece with your lips and take the first puff. Have fun enjoying the vapor! Very practical: As soon as you put on the mouthpiece and take a puff, the integrated Intellisense sensors detect the use of the RELICT. Then the sensors give the heating elements an extra push so that you get more dense vapor – making vaporizing even more fun!

Important tips around the use of your vape

Regular care

As high quality as the vapor from the RELICT may be during each session, keep in mind that the vapor will only taste good in the long run and the RELICT will only work well in the long run if you clean your vaporizer regularly. For this reason, you can also find a how-to post on cleaning the vaporizer on our website. Please read this post carefully.

Recommended accessories

You can use the RELICT in a different way than we have described here. For this there are various accessories, which we offer on this page.[MR|CE7] introduce In particular, we would like to highlight the Black Aroma Glass Tube, which you use as an extended mouthpiece and which gives you a cooler and smoother vapor. A similar effect, only much stronger, has the use of our bubbler, whose use we can also recommend to you.

The absolute basics: explanation of the 3-button operation

The RELICT vaporizer comes with 3 buttons. Above the display is a large button that you use to turn the device on and off, as well as to switch between options. The two smaller buttons below the display are used to precisely set the temperature, session duration and other settings.

The explanation is too complicated? Then we’ll do it here in a more descriptive way:

  • When you want to turn on your RELICT Vape, press the big power button 5 times in a row. Proceed in the same way if you want to switch off the RELICT.
  • Let’s assume that your RELICT is turned on and you now want to make changes to the temperature or session duration:
    1. Press and hold the large power button for a few seconds to select between temperature and session time.
    2. Now you can use the small buttons at the bottom to precisely change the temperature in 1°C/1°F increments.
    3. Or configure the session time in 30s steps in a range of 180 seconds and 360 seconds.
  • You can also easily change the temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit by holding down the power button and the left arrow for a few seconds.
  • If you want to use the Relict Vaporizer with the bong adapter on a bong you can turn the display 180°. You can do this by holding down the power button and the small button with the arrow pointing to the right for a few seconds. So you can read the data on the OLED display comfortably, even if the Relict is upside down in the bong.

This is how the RELICT is operated using the three buttons. In principle, it can be operated intuitively. After switching on, the RELICT automatically heats up to the temperature you have set.