North steam grinder, 4 pieces


  • 63mm diameter
  • Large version (4 pieces) 
  • With separate compartment for removal of the material
  • With fine pole sieve and collecting compartment for the poles in the bottom
  • Made of high quality aluminum using the latest CNC technology
  • Anodized to minimize wear and smear marks
  • Razor sharp teeth for the best efficiency
  • Lid with magnetic closure
  • Noble Norddampf mold design with non-slip feel for optimal use
  • The perfect grinder for use with herbal vaporizers
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The NORDDAMPF Grinder (4-part) offers the most options when grinding herbs for the vaporizer. With 1) a separate removal compartment for chopped herbs and 2) with a pollen screen, the four-piece grinder has the widest possible range of functions of all grinders. The removal tray facilitates the removal of the herbs, while the sieve is designed to separate the kief from the cannabis.

Razor-sharp teeth, high-quality aluminum, noble appearance – our four-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder is more than just a grinder. It is a comfort and lifestyle product.

Four-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder: All advantages at a glance

  • High tooth sharpness
  • Integrated removal tray for chopped herbs
  • Pollen sieve with collecting tray for the kief
  • Best material quality and top design
  • Convenient application

High tooth sharpness

Razor-sharp teeth facilitate the grind. Unlike cheap grinders, our four-piece grinder doesn’t chop anywhere when you turn it! Due to the high tooth sharpness, the crushing of the herbs succeeds flawlessly. So gone forever are the days when the herbs were laboriously crumbled with the hands.

Integrated removal tray for chopped herbs

The easy crushing of the herbs is only one thing. The other thing – and here the four-part NORDDAMPF Grinder is superior to the NORDDAMPF Grinder (2-part) in our range – is the separate removal compartment. The crushed herbs fall into this compartment and remain there. They are then removed from the compartment and placed either in a dosing capsule or directly into the herb chamber. This compartment significantly increases convenience, because users are spared the need to pick out the barked herbs.

Pollen sieve with collecting roof for the pine

Compared to our other grinders, our four-part NORDDAMPF grinder has the advantage that a pollen sieve is also integrated next to the removal compartment. “Pollen” is the term used for “kief” in Dutch coffee shops. Kief, in turn, is a substance derived from cannabis and has a high cannabinoid content. To better regulate the dosage and effect of the vaporized herbs, the separation of the kief is useful. Such separation is only possible with the additional pollen screen in our four-part NORDDAMPF Grinder.

You like the features of our four-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder, but you don’t need a pollen screen? Then have a look at our product page for the NORDDAMPF Grinder (3-part) over! Our three-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder does not have a pollen screen, but it does have a separate removal compartment for the crushed herbs and otherwise the same high-quality workmanship as our four-piece grinder.

Best material quality and top design

In terms of material quality and design, the four-piece NORDDAMPF Grinder leaves nothing to be desired. It is made of aluminum, which makes it robust on the one hand and lightweight on the other. Largely stainless, the grinder is also. In order to keep the natural signs of wear low over the course of use, the aluminum has been anodized. The anodization of the surface is a guarantee of long-term attractive appearance. Speaking of looks: In terms of design, the NORDDAMPF Grinder (4-part) is superior to many other grinders on the market. On the top our chic logo, on the sides a diamond-like pattern – that simply makes a good impression!

Convenient application

Last but not least, the good application properties of the grinder: The surface is non-slip and thus convinces with a good feel. The lid has a magnetic closure and sits securely. Both features reduce the risk of mishaps where small crumbs of herbs fall out or the grinder slips from the hand.

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